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The Story of a Kenyan teacher

"Reality is a construct of the mind"

~Matthews Ocharo

In this article, we interviewed Mr Matthews Ocharo to share his story with us. Mr Ocharo is a secondary school teacher teaching in one of the top secondary schools in Hong Kong. Mr Ocharo shares his experience as an educator with us.

Q: Can you explain to our readers the idea behind this quote?

A: I believe that this quote is very deep and philosophical, in fact, I always start my lessons with my students with this quote. I believe that it shows the true nature of reality. Reality, as real as it seems, is simply a result of our perception. How we perceive things affect what reality really is. I believe that this quote reminds us of the influence of the stereotypes that we unconsciously hold when we see the things around us...

Q: You are a teacher from Kenya. Do you think people perceive you differently due to your ethnicity?

A: Well, I am the only black teacher in this school so I'm definitely kind of an odd one out. However, the students I teach are all very international, they treat me just like any other teacher around. In fact, I do think I am quite popular among my students. There this form 4 class that I am teaching this year, they're so enthusiastic in my lesson and they radiate happiness. I always leave their classroom with a wide grin on my face, I do enjoy teaching them a lot.

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