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Image by Duane Swaby

Confide in


Have you ever felt frustrated, sad, joyous, confused or lost in life? 
Have you gone through ups and downs, yet couldn’t find a trustable friend to reach out to after scrolling through your list of contacts? 
It’s normal - be it unsatisfactory test results, the passing away of a loved one, the misery of being cornered, or anything else - you aren't alone. We'll see if we can lend a helping hand. 

We wish to spread positivity in this gloomy time, and to appreciate the stars, despite being in a gutter. Haven is the campfire of the community - to ignite the sparkles of hope and love, to illuminate each and every soul around us, and to provide you with a friendly platform for sharing your innermost thoughts. 

Share your fears, worries, miseries, joy, anxieties here - any secret thoughts or emotions you don't feel comfortable exposing to others, send us a tell by filling in the form below. Choose to be anonymous or be identified by your name or age or anything your desire. 

Warmest regards,


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