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Wendy Chong 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Hi there! I’m Wendy Chong, the founder and CEO of Echo. I’m a Form 5 student at St. Paul’s Co-educational College in Hong Kong. During my free time, I enjoy appreciating works of literature, writing poems and hiking. I’m also enthusiastic about public speaking, community service, along with anything related to language and culture. I was determined to found Echo as I realized that solely relying on technology for communication during the pandemic had imperceptibly led to the loss of human touch, with little room left for deep, inspiring exchange. 
Besides, many students may not have advisers to turn to when facing important decisions in life, such as college application and job-seeking. 

Hence, we would like to spread wisdom and experience among our peers such that everyone can view the world through different perspectives. We aspire to make an impact through reviving warm, wholesome scenes on the internet through hosting meaningful Fireside Chats (interviews) with guests from various industries. We hope to hearten our fellows to carry on in times of adversities, to be undaunted in the face of hardship, and to embrace one another when faith is wavering. Together, we endeavor to build Echo as the campfire of the community - to ignite the sparkles of faith and love, to illuminate each and every soul around us, and to provide you with a friendly platform for sharing your very own and unique stories.

Lawrence Ng

Cyrus Kong


Lawrence Ng

Chief Operating Officer

Hi, I am Lawrence, the COO of Echo. I am a Form 5 student taking DSE in St Paul’s Co-educational College. In school, I take physics, chemistry and biology as electives. However, I do enjoy studying sciences outside the DSE curriculum just for my own interest. Apart from academics, I am a speedcuber, meaning I constantly practice solving Rubik’s cubes at optimal speed and time my performance. I can fix your unsolved cubes and even teach you how to solve one!

I believe Echo is a haven of peace and understanding on the internet, where human interactions that touch people’s souls are allowed. On this unique platform, you will find stories of people around us, you are also free to share your own story with others. We hope to promote deep exchange between people from all walks of life so that we can all learn to appreciate the diversity of human experience.


Sherie Kwok

Chief Technology Officer

Hello! I’m Sherie, the Chief Technology Officer of Echo. I’m a Form 5 student taking DSE in St. Paul’s Co-educational College, studying geography, chemistry and economics. Personally, I enjoy learning outside school more as we have the freedom to choose what and when to learn, and that definitely catches more of my attention. As the technology officer, I understand that people think boys are always better in IT but here I am to tell you that girls can also be a pro of it! I do audio editing, photoshopping and much more stuff that could help with the running of Echo, and thus presenting to you all. Other than that, I’m passionate about cooking/ baking, doing sports like badminton/ dancing and music as well, while speaking is an “interest” of mine that all my friends know that I can talk non-stop for hours. I may not be the best listener, but yet a good friend that shares my stories, as I believe communication between people is very important which brings up the meaning of life and activates the society.


Rachel Lee

Chief Marketing Officer


Hi!! I’m Rachel, the Chief Marketing Officer of Echo. I’m now a Form 5 student taking the IB curriculum in St. Paul’s Co-educational College. Sadly, the psychology course is not provided in my school:( I am particularly fascinated by philosophy and arts e.g. literature, visual arts, music, as I treat them as forms of self-expression. Other than that, I enjoy logical reasoning especially in the form of games, while at the same time I am quite emotional and I sometimes rather follow my intuition.

I myself have been experiencing what I suspect to be “hyper-empathy syndrome”, and I hope that given people are comfortable, discussions of mentality can be encouraged, as I visualize Echo as a place where we bring diverse voices together and resonate. Through Echo, I wish to emphasize the importance of personal expression, interpretation and appreciation of different media.


Angela Yip

Chief Human Resources Officer

Hi hi! This is Angela, the Chief Human Resources Officer of Echo. I am a Form 5 student at St. Paul’s Co-educational College in Hong Kong, taking the IBDP curriculum. Economics and chemistry are by far my favourite subjects. Aside from academics, I am passionate about reading, solving puzzles, completing Buzzfeed quizzes (#notanad), visiting museums, battling procrastination (currently failing miserably), watching anime and reading manga. Playing both the piano and saxophone, a major part of my life is dedicated to music. There is a variety of music genres that I enjoy, be it pop, kpop, jpop, classical, disco, or alternative rock. 

I envision Echo to be a site of healing, providing people with a touch of warmth that our fast-paced world lacks. A platform with no prejudice, where everyone’s voices can be heard and valued. A place for understanding and acceptance. No matter a talker, or a listener, Echo is the perfect site for individuals to interconnect and spread positivity. 


Caton Kwok

Chief Security Officer

Knock knock, who’s there. Chief Security Officer of Echo here. Who? Good question. I’m Caton. Name’s derived from the latin word “catus”, which translates to “gorilla” if you put it in google translate, but supposedly means “wise”. Certainly don’t feel like it. Credentials: Form 5, International Baccalaureate, St Paul’s (you probably guessed as much from the above bios). Other roles include reader, gamer, casual speaker and Creator of Terrible Puns. Always in search of humour in life, so if you find anything funny in life, hit me up.

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Zoey Zhou

Chief Financial Officer

Hello, Zoey here. Form 5 at St. Paul’s and the Chief Financial Officer of Echo, in charge of guarding the money. I read, I write, I draw, then I spend the rest of my time in my room like Oscar from Sesame street. I love stories, quite evidently, and I wish I could say I’ve written a few, but they would have to remain works-in-progresses for now. Learning more about every facet of the world and the various walks of life fascinates me. As an introvert, I may not be the best at keeping up a conversation, but I’d be more than willing to listen.

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Jasmine Chan

Developmental Editor

Hi. I'm from SPCC too. My life is bland to the outsider— dealing with what must be done, playing video games, joking around, contemplating life, writing and drawing just to get my ideas across the table. In this era, we are almost free to broadcast our beliefs everywhere, our lives inundated with other people’s opinions. While I do acknowledge the importance of self-expression, in Echo, I also encourage you to examine your values… and other people’s values… are they adequately justified, or will they collapse like a house of cards in the perilous storms? Understanding comes not without a reasonably opinionated talker and an open-minded listener. And acceptance comes not without understanding.


Serene Zhai

Chief Networking Officer

Hi, I'm Serene! Stay tuned for my intro :)




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Podcast Host

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Icy Ku


















Christine Chan



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