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We invite you to tell us your stories. Share with us anything, such as but not limited to daily observations, artistic creations, and ideas inspired by our prompts.

Moreover, submissions can take any form– text, images, videos, etc.

Event Highlight:

As part of our Palette project, we launched our "Meaning of Life Campaign" to celebrate Earth Day (April 2022). Through promoting on various online platforms and contacting more than 10k Internet users, we conducted a survey to collect responses from people around the globe, asking them: "What is the meaning of life to you?". Much to our delight, we got responses from over 1020 people in a week from over 100 countries and 6 continents. We posted some of these thought-provoking answers on our social media to share the goodness and beauty of human nature, the diversity of the human experience and the preciousness of life.




Don't fret - you aren't alone.

We'll see if we can lend a helping hand.

Share your fears, worries, miseries, joy, anxieties here - any secret thoughts or emotions you don't feel comfortable confiding in others, send us a tell.

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