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Echo With Souls That Chime

We've received over 1000 entries about the meaning of life from 100+ countries for our Earth Day campaign! Check out selected responses here or on our Instagram. Share with us anything, such as daily observations, artistic creations, and ideas. 

A storytelling platform for the sharing of experience and advice on college applications, career ventures and more - tune in to enjoy a moment of meditation and listen to enlightening discussions from our wonderful guests!

We are Echo, a student-led international nonprofit organization based in Hong Kong, aiming to share experience, encourage deep, meaningful communication and bridge individuals from all walks of life.​


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Mr. Alan Chau
University of Oxford
PhD student in
Statistical Machine Learning

“When you talk to a soulmate, you'll naturally enter a surreal state where you feel like your body doesn't belong to you, yet only your mind is conscious. This strikes true for learning too; if you pour your heart and soul into a certain realm, you’ll feel really close to life itself."

Mr. Maurice Lee
Lawyer, BBS, JP
Convenor of Hong Kong-Taiwan
Cultural Co-operation Committee

“The attitude is, in three words, to be undefeatable. If I am considered successful, I believe I am a fighter, who gets to his feet after falling repeatedly. With optimism and an undefeatable spirit, you can overcome all odds to succeed someday.”

Ms. Anne Lee
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of
Joint Publishing (HK)

"Fear not when you're alone, since boundless universes and friendship are waiting for you in the ocean of books. They are bound to share so many invaluable experiences and knowledge with you."

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